Broad Reaserch on 4 Photographers (Tradition and experimentation)

As initial research for the presentation on Peter beard, I began to research in the library, online initially for these four photographers:

  • Peter Beard
  • Simon Norfolk
  • Tim Hetherington
  • Phillip Blenkisop

I had a quick look at their work online to get an idea of what work they create and what kind of photographer they are. I have tradition and experimentation to look for and compare between the 4 photographers work. So I started to look for links, similarities and contrasts and i recorded them below for quick reference. I also took out a Peter Beard

Peter beard

(peter is similar to war photographers – he is presenting a war between a simple, tribal way of life and the new world of technology)


Simon Norfolk,show,3,116,0,0,0,0,0,0,simon_norfolk.html

Simon Norfolk is a war photographer and photographed in the

Tim Hetherington

Phillip Blenkisop

(Similer to peters experimentation (drawing on prints, turning them into artwork. )

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