Extended critical reflection

Donovan Wylie, The Maze, Granta Books, 2004 The Maze is a photobook, which Wylie did over a period of a year. He spent 100 days photographing the inside of The Maze Prison. It… Continue reading

Letter to self and reply (154MC)

This is the letter I wrote to myself before I started the course in September 2014: Dear Olivia, You told me to run as fast as I can and keep running. That is… Continue reading

Artefact informed by extra curricular activity – Hoohaah Run Photography

I photographed a 10k Run. The leaders of the Hoohaah organisation asked me to be the official photographer of their next 4 runs. I have photographed their 10k runs before as an assistant… Continue reading

152MC Working with Life

INITIAL IDEAS I began by exploring possible narrative routes and ideas.  I then got a pack from my tutors of freebies. They gave ideas and suggestions for inspiration in order to start looking… Continue reading

Group Tutorials and Feedback Day (Assignment 1, 151MC)

Throughout this project, every week we have a group tutorial and from these I have been writing notes on what people have said, suggested research to look at and constructive criticism. PROJECT –… Continue reading

F O U N D – Exhibition at Walsall Art Gallery

I visited Walsall Art Gallery this week and the exhibition, F O U N D, really stood out to me. F O U N D brings together work from seven different contemporary artists.… Continue reading

Interviews accompanied by short film (Assignment 1, 151MC)

Seeing as I am looking to try to show hearing voices in a normal and informative way rather than continuing the stigma I decided to take a look at what stigma means and… Continue reading

Reflection and use of the book, The End of Stigma? (Assignment 1, 151MC)

I read the book, The End of Stigma?, by Gill Green. This book links to my project by talking about and debating over stigma. I am looking at Stigma towards Mental health. The first… Continue reading

Hearing Voices Box (Assignment 1, 151MC)

I want to get across to my audience as truthful as I can make it how it is to hear voices. I also want to explore how what people hear either have ownership… Continue reading

Voices and Sleep (Assignment 1, 151MC)

I am aiming to present this work and create artefacts that inform people about a life that includes hearing voices. I am looking to create an understanding of voices and the role they… Continue reading