Marx-Lambert Collection (Enid Marx – Designer) (Exhibition Review)


I visited Compton Verney in `Warwick to see the exhibition, Marx-Lambert Collection. Enid Marx (1902 – 1998) was a twentieth century designer. She was a talented and successful designer working with many mediums including, textile designing, painter, graphic designer, book jackets and postal stamps.

The exhibition showed a collection of of over 400 items of folk and popular art which she and Margaret Lambert had collected together.

When entering the exhibition, it was a little mismatched and unclear what was her work and what was part of their large collection. Although mismatched, it did add to the interest and to the feeling of uncovering their work and that which they had been collecting. There were many interesting pieces and there was also a side room that had examples of her books and a little video talking about her life and her work. Large cases showing her print designs added a more interactive touch, you could see the details closely and really appreciate the intricate designs.

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Some of her prints were made for bus seats. She said, “The project was great fun because there was a very strict brief. The seating needed to look fresh at all times, even after bricklayers had sat on it, so there was a camouflage problem.”
However, after seeing these designs, I think an important aspect was missed out, the designs should have been thought of to avoid travel sickness for passengers too and I don’t think this was achieved.

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