Miranda Hart interview (BBC Radio 4)


I listened to the interview of Miranda Hart on radio 4 which was on at about 7.20pm on the 19th December 2014. She was talking and being asked about her last 2 episodes to finish of the season of her Sitcom, Miranda.

It was very interesting to hear her views on what she does and how it affects and has changed her. I made notes throughout so I could write about it afterwards.

Miranda commented on how other people said that her program is like, “Homework that ended up on TV!”. The interviewer was very interested about how Miranda’s character had personally affected her.

She said how she was oversensitive to other writes and that quality control was an important part for her. Miranda explained how she felt sensitive and emotional with a huge sense of honouring the audience and “not wanting to let anyone down, including myself.”

The interviewer delved deeper and asked Miranda if the TV show was like her alter ego.

“Are you missing her?”

“Yes I am.”

The interview was full of personal feelings and Miranda had a light hearted tone, at one point after talking for a while exclaiming, “I can’t remember what on earth your question was.”

“Did calling her Miranda make you more attached?”

“There was a lot of me and anger about how it is to be a woman, or a woman who looks like me. I nearly said journey there and I hate that word!
It was way more emotional that I thought it would be. At the last scene we found there was not a dry eye between us.”

“Are you going to watch it?”

“Not the most relaxing this to be watching yourself on Christmas Day.”

The final 2 episodes ever are going to be shown on Christmas day and New years day.