Woman Photographers (Book by Boris Friedwald)

“A woman. A camera. An eye looking through the camera. A hand that presses the shutter at exactly the right moment. A picture is created.”

This inspirational quote is written in the introduction of the book, Woman Photographers, that I got given as a gift for Christmas. I researched and found images by some of my favorite women photographers from the book.

The introduction to the book, starts by saying a quote by Gisele Freund,

“In a profession like this it is both an advantage and disadvantage to be a woman…From time to time, I have been able to take photos where my male colleagues had failed…Not many women work as photo reporters, a profession that requires absolute health, patience, and curiosity, as well as an open approach, skill, and courage in completely unexpected situations: all qualities that women possess.”


Lady Clementina Hawarden