Creative Block (and how to overcome it)

Just like writers block, creative block can occur at any time, especially when under pressure. So, is it really all that bad? When in creative block, it does feel like you might never overcome it. But, remember, it is just temporary. A creative block, if used in the right way, can lead you onto bigger and better things. Have hope. So, what should you do?

  1. Take time out. Go to the shops or have a shower. Don’t think about your project at all. Sleep on it – This will help to refresh your mind and ideas will pop into your head at the most random of times doing the most random activities. If you get an idea or even part of an idea, then write it down and keep writing until you are truly finished.
  2. The library. Go to the library and to the Art section, or any section at all if you are feeling brave.  Pick up a random book, any one will do. Don’t read the title, just pick up a book and take it out. Choose it because you like the size, the colour or where it is placed on the shelf or the library. Read it or read bits of it and start your project on the contents or the leads of the contents. If it doesn’t lead anywhere, don’t panic, pick up another book at random. Repeat. (Maybe even combine multiple leads from multiple random books.)
  3. The internet. Even typing in “project ideas” can lead you places. Research a topic that you have been interested in before, click on links, see where it takes you. An amazing idea is waiting for you, you just have to find it.
  4. Magazines. Find photos/text/images/models.colours that stand out to you in magazines, rip them out or cut the out and stick them into a sketchbook. Dont worry about being neat unless that’s how you feel making it. Think, scrapbook and throw the cut-outs down onto the page. Reflect on what you have created. You may see a pattern of the type of art/photography that you really want to subconsciously pursue.
  5. Choose a number. Go to this page in the dictionary. Choose another number. Go to this line on that page. Write down that word. Repeat. Use those words to base your project on.
  6. Just start. Even with no ideas you can still create art. Starting is better than not starting. Take small steps forward. Just make sure you do keep moving forward.
  7. Remember this – my lecturer once said, “Look more, read more and listen more.”
  8. Finally, go for it! Trust your instincts and you will produce an amazing project and something to be truly proud of.

I hope these points help you as much as they help me.