Assignment 1 Initial ideas, spider diagrams and bibliography (151MC)

Ownership and Property

I have decided to take on the theme of, ‘Ownership and Property‘. I made a mind map of possible ideas and directions for this theme.

Ownership and property

I then decided to choose 4 of these leads and research them further to try to get a better idea of the direction I want to run with.

Ownership and property – Abandoned Spaces

First I took a look at some of the leads I had come up with for Abandoned spaces. This is an idea to continue a personal project I have already started and been working on. These are the possible leads to progress this project further:

  1. Nobody has ownership of these abandoned spaces
  2. Still a presence/ character/ evidence of previous owners
  3. Lost property, story behind the abandonment.

These are the images from my personal project on abandonment and a presence almost haunting it:

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I took a look online for some abandoned places in Britain, I could visit them and take similar photos to continue my Abandoned project. This Article on the site Buzzfeed titled ‘13 beautiful abandoned places in Britain‘, provided some inspiring images to get me thinking about the next images I could create.

Ownership and property – Possessions 

  1. Really meaningful and personal objects
  2. Property and houses. What goes on through the windows and the stories a view of windows tell.

On the website blog, ‘It’s Nice That’, I found the photographic project, ‘Toy Stories’ by Gabriele Galimberti.

Ownership and property – Mental Health

  1. Losing ownership of the mind
  2. Losing memories that you had ownership over
  3. Voices having ownership over people and how this affects them
  4. You become unsure who you belong to and who belongs to you.

Ownership and property – Photography and the law

  1. The right and ownership of rights to take photos of people in public spaces.

My Decided Project Mental Health

For my final decided idea, I decided to look at Ownership and Property in regards to Mental Health. I want to focus on how the voices that people hear as a part of mental health take ownership over them. Mental health can take ownership of the mind.


I first took a look at an artist called Karen Brett.

SenseCam Project (2010) She produced a footage about memories and how Alzheimer’s disease affects and deteriorates cells and neurons in the brain.

Conversations with myself (2008) This is a self portrait piece of film that shows the troubles a person with OCD experiences. It outlines the checking behaviour that can be present in sufferers with OCD. Both of these footages showed me an idea of how to use images, film and sound to make a representation of unusual experiences that people have relating to mental health.

Mental Health Charities

I also then went on to research more into Mental health Charities andMental health campaigns. First I took a look at the Mind website. I frequently visit the mind social hub in Coventry and find that this gives and continues to give me a bigger insight into the world of Mental health and those who suffer from it. Mind – Mental Health Charity The Mind website has lots of help and guidance for people with Mental Health difficulties as well as lots of information about lots of conditions and individual problems. It has different sections for each difficulty as well as a space for real people’s personal stories. I found a film on the mind site which is linked to Vimeo which is a film about schizophrenia, made by a schizophrenic called, People call me crazy. This is a very insightful film and it great at making people feel less alone as well as providing factual information. I also found a story about someone who hears voices, Hearing voices.

Digital Opportunities Concepts

Digital Opportunities

In our lectures we heard about the democratising and levelling of knowledge – how hard it is for people to see things that they have not searched for before. My wooden box with quotes from people with voices encourages people to understand how other people can lose ownership of their mind because of voices. In my interviews, my interviews worked best when I shared my thoughts and comments with the people that I interviewed, it even worked best when I let the interviewee interview me first.  This is the digital world of communicative capitalism – I was sharing it in audio files. Finally we learnt about the use of new and old cameras. My work involves both pinhole cameras (the oldest camera) and Lomography which is not new but has been made new by its link with social media. For me, the Found exhibition in Walsall Art Gallery was a paradigm shift, combining old torn photographs and stitching to make a new way of ordering and making sense of things.

Gallery Presentation






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