Group Tutorials and Feedback Day (Assignment 1, 151MC)

Throughout this project, every week we have a group tutorial and from these I have been writing notes on what people have said, suggested research to look at and constructive criticism.

PROJECT – How the voices people hear have ownership over them

Group Tutorials

It was suggested early on in one of the first group tutorials that if we thought we might use sound recording, then we should have a look and learn about it as soon as possible so that we are ready to use it when the time comes. So, I booked it out that week and had a play with it, got to know about it and then went to the optional lecture on sound recording, so I could learn about it earlier.

I was also given suggested artists to research such as Melanie Friend (Border country) who using sound, film and words so would be very relevant to the work I am doing as well as Karen Brett, who uses a similar style.

Paul suggested that I used images Incorporated into my box as well as the quotes, perhaps using liquid emulsion.

Feedback Day

We also had a whole day dedicated to giving our fellow students feedback. We had to give a short 10 minute talk about our project followed by discussion and constructive criticism. We also went round everyone’s displayed projects and wrote on their feedback sheets with our opinions, thoughts and suggested improvements. After the feedback day, I felt refreshed and ready to crack on with my project and it really inspired me to keep improving it. I summarized the noted on my feedback sheet after the day whilst it was fresh in my memory.

Summary of feedback

It is important to look at my feedback thoroughly and take it in and change what needs to be in changed in regards to my project in order to improve it.


Suggestion                                                   Done?

  1. Add pictures to the box                        Thought it better without – closer to truth
  2. Remove Fuzz on Sound recording      Done
  3. Will video and box intertwine?             No – because they are individual aspects – but all add together to worsen voices
  4. Carry on!                                             Done


  1. Strong research
  2. Enthusiasm in my work
  3. How video doesn’t distract from the audio
  4. Project has a lot of depth
  5. Good concept and exciting work