Letter to self and reply (154MC)

This is the letter I wrote to myself before I started the course in September 2014: Untitled

Dear Olivia,

You told me to run as fast as I can and keep running. That is exactly what I did except I wasn’t running away from anything, I was running towards something spectacular.

You were right, I did have bumps and setbacks and quite dramatic ones too, but I didn’t let them destroy all your hard work, instead I used them to my advantage – to inspire my work and to open other people’s mind to a new way of thinking. I used my failures to create some unique work that I am proud of.

You were worried about completing the year, but willingly accepting help from others really allowed you to not just complete the year but to truly succeed. Making this special effort has taught me to develop coping strategies that will help me in the future too. Although I have not completed my recovery, I am still making small steps in the right direction. I have moved up a class in Arty folks, taken tons more photos, done corporate shoots and I am still doing the odd modelling job!

You really did throw yourself in this year. You have learnt a great deal and have really expanded your knowledge of photography. I bet you didn’t know what Punctum meant or even knew that there was so much philosophy behind photography! Every part of your photography course this year has really excited and inspired you. I am so proud of you for choosing to come back to Uni and really making the most of it right from the beginning.

At times inspiration has been hard to come by. But I followed your advice and stepped back, took a breath and then continued to have a flow of ideas. Talking to your tutors helped too even if I didn’t always take their advice! You completed all your coursework and got really great marks too, even when just a pass was needed. Lots of change took place this year, almost constant change, but I have coped with it well. In order to survive I changed my perspective of it and looked at it all as an adventure rather than a terrifying mandatory activity.

I have done 3 really personal projects; Asperger’s, Hearing Voices as well as Bullying, which I am working on at the moment. I feel like I have really had something to say this year and lots of points to make to other people through my work. I have a mission and this is what will keep me going.

I promise that I will continue to work hard, slowly improving my mental health as well as being more involved within my photography and the reasons behind my work. Every lesson has been a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of. Thank you for allowing me to get back up and return to my course. I am so grateful to be involved in the photography course and University life.

I love you lots and always,

Olivia xxx