Assignment 1 Initial ideas, spider diagrams and bibliography (151MC)

Ownership and Property I have decided to take on the theme of, ‘Ownership and Property‘. I made a mind map of possible ideas and directions for this theme. I then decided to choose… Continue reading

Creative Block (and how to overcome it)

Just like writers block, creative block can occur at any time, especially when under pressure. So, is it really all that bad? When in creative block, it does feel like you might never… Continue reading

Woman Photographers (Book by Boris Friedwald)

“A woman. A camera. An eye looking through the camera. A hand that presses the shutter at exactly the right moment. A picture is created.” This inspirational quote is written in the introduction… Continue reading

What is a Portrait?

What is a portrait? A Portrait: Depicts a person(s) Can capture the ‘essence’ or a person Can represent a person Can be staged or natural Can be for utilitarian purposes or art purposes… Continue reading

The photograph is A truth not THE truth

Following on from the Lecture on ‘What is a photograph?’, there was mention of the photograph as a truth. Alison Jackson is a photographer who particularly demonstrates the photograph as A truth rather… Continue reading

What is a Photograph? (Lecture response and further reading)

What is a Photograph? What are the properties of a photograph? – It is 2D – It flattens the world – It has edges – It is an artefact – It is still… Continue reading

Miranda Hart interview (BBC Radio 4)

I listened to the interview of Miranda Hart on radio 4 which was on at about 7.20pm on the 19th December 2014. She was talking and being asked about her last 2 episodes… Continue reading

Summer task revisited (After review and feedback)

When my summer work was reviewed the main strength was my use of well constructed and composed images. I was told that sometimes you have to take photos and experiment with them by… Continue reading

Barry W Hughes – Guest Lecturer

Barry W Hughes gave an inspiring lecture to our photography class which consisted of him telling us about his home life, his work and his influences. It was a very interesting and eye… Continue reading

Marx-Lambert Collection (Enid Marx – Designer) (Exhibition Review)

I visited Compton Verney in `Warwick to see the exhibition, Marx-Lambert Collection. Enid Marx (1902 – 1998) was a twentieth century designer. She was a talented and successful designer working with many mediums… Continue reading