The Swimmers (Film Review) (East Asian Film Festival)

This thrilling film kept me on edge the whole way through. Based on a number of unfortunate events that happen in a school swimming pool, this horror film really entranced me throughout, with… Continue reading

Paul Gaffney (Guest Lecturer)

I admit that before the lecture, I didn’t really understand Gaffney’s work. I had done some research before hand but only really looked at his images not the reasons behind them. The reasons behind… Continue reading

The Teacher’s Diary (Film Review)

Set in a beautiful and memorable setting on a school boathouse in the middle of a vast lake, this heart warming and feel-good story, The Teacher’s Diary, caters for both children and adults… Continue reading

Assignment 1

“You just have to smile…” This project is titled Encountering Culture. We should examine the sources of pressures within society and whether I am in harmony or conflict with the social structure I… Continue reading

Jason Scott Tilley, People of India (Exhibition review)

People of India – Jason Scott Tilley I went to see Jason Scott Tilley’s exhibition titled ‘People of India’. I saw it on the opening night at the Herbert Art Gallery and Jason Scott… Continue reading

Homage to a precious object

I took these images using a 35mm camera, it was the first time I had used a 35mm film camera. Although these first 3 images represent an object that is precious in the… Continue reading

Greater than the whole

For this project we had to take images using a medium format camera. We had only just had the training tutorial on how to use the so it was a great opportunity to… Continue reading

Summer Task

Photo walk with iPhone

A few test shots done with iPhone. Exploring how light changes and how to meter light. From this exercise, I have taken away the fact that if at any moment you lack inspiration… Continue reading


Using one quote and one location, the task was to create a photographic piece and repeat 10 times. Each photo below was taken in different locations around Coventry.          … Continue reading